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Ingrid Fikr M. Sc., RMT, UHTCI, RSH, CBP; 15 years of international experiences; Fully licensed Registered Massage Therapist (2200 hrs) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Customized sessions and treatment plans based on the needs of your body, mind and spirit; Multidisciplinary approach to services from physical manipulation to energy work.
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Welcome To Energy Clinic

Energy Clinic is a private practice owned by Ingrid Fikr in Calgary. Ingrid has been interested in Energy Medicine, Tao/Qi Gong Meditation and Sound Healing from an early age. Upon moving to Canada from the Czech Republic in 2005, she left a career in marketing & management (MSc) to pursue healing arts and alternative medicine […]
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Mind Electronics by Richard Sutphen

Oct 27, 2014|0 Comments

Altered-State Programs using a Powerful Aura Opening and Charging Induction

The hypnogogic state is the bottom of alpha brain waves and top of theta. In this level Albert Einstein received his ideas and Mozart composed music. […]

  • hypnosis

Hypnotic Music

Oct 27, 2014|0 Comments

Richard Sutphen CCHT, “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher” is a a specialist in Past-Life Regression and Hypnotherapy.

You can have your own experience with a deep state of consciousness by listening the six following compilations.

What can you do in the altered-state?

Be open […]

  • theta-brainwaves

Theta Brain Waves

Oct 27, 2014|0 Comments

Theta Brain Waves are for deep meditation, enhanced intuition, and supreme memory.

They act like the high speed learning processor in our brain.

Children operate in this level from the date of their birth till age of 7 or […]


Ingrid’s meditation techniques are easy to follow. I was able to relax and let go… Powerful…
Ivan H., Calgary
I felt like 10 kg lighter after treatment. Deeply relaxed. Energized. Happy to be!
Alana F., Okotoks